What content should I submit to 2xc?

Anything relevant to the existence and/or experience of girlhood, from any perspective. We love most how much this subreddit has been a platform for insightful dialogue, laughter, and a great community.

What content shouldn't I submit to 2xc?

We hate drama. We hate links to other threads that encourage downvoting. We highly discourage rude comments and will ban obvious assholery without warning. Please report such intolerant behavior to the mods, who have day jobs and will totally get on it asap.

Speaking of day jobs, we're not set up to vet any request for fundraising. This includes funding sites, Facebook pages for donations, and posts where there is a direct request for money.

Posting pictures and other personal information online

Just a friendly reminder about posting your personal information online. When you post your picture publicly on the Internet, you are doing so at your own risk. Not only are there are plenty of lurkers who skim the picture threads, there are also search indexing sites that crawl threads. Anyone can save your image, and once something is publicly available on the Internet it is practically impossible to remove. If you do post your picture please consider using an image hosting site such as imgur.com. Using your personal flickr account or facebook links could lead more nefarious users to discover your real life identity.

Regarding personal details, be mindfully selective of what information you share with others. Your comment history can often contain enough information for someone to identify your real identity, or even locate you in real life.

Please take note of this. Be safe, and be good to each other.

I'm not XX, but I am a woman, am I welcome at 2xc?

Short answer YES! Longer answer here.

Why are there so many posts about periods, rape, and abortion? There's more to being a woman than that!

Of course there is! But when women have so few places to go to discuss some of their most pressing issues, they will probably be dealt with online. This is a large, general interest women's forum. We're bound to get lots of women looking for help on these issues here.

What do the support tags mean?

Posts marked with the [Support] tag will be subject to stricter moderation. Any comments that could be construed as criticism or judgement of the OP or their choices will be removed in [Support] threads. This is not a change in moderation policy, but a clarification of what we'd already been attempting to do in an unstructured way.

Respectful advice (such as you might give a friend who comes to you for support) is still welcome, even in support threads.

I'm prolife, everyone else here appears to be prochoice, am I allowed to post here?

Short answer: mostly, yes.

Longer answer:
As long as you're respectful of others when you do so, everyone is welcome to post here. Consider the context of the post before commenting.
Is it a link to an article regarding a change to the current laws? Feel free to respectfully state your opinion.
Is it a post from a woman who just found out she's pregnant and wants to know her options? You are welcome to let her know the pluses to adoption or what resources are available if she decides to keep her baby.
Is it a thread from a woman who has already made the decision to have an abortion and would like to know what to expect? For your own well being as well as that of others, it may be best for you to stay away from that thread. Do not suggest adoption. It is really disrespectful to assume an OP wasn't smart enough to look at all her options before making a decision. It will not be welcome for you to tell her she's made a bad or wrong decision, it will also not be welcome for you to shame her in any way.
Is it a thread from a woman who has had an abortion and she wants to share her story? Going into that thread and attempting to shame her for her decision will not be welcome.

Also keep in mind context if you are replying to comments. It is never welcome to shame individual women for their choices. We have quite a few prolife users in 2xc, and while that point of view may not be popular you are allowed to express those views as long as it is done respectfully and not done in an attempt to shame others.

Keep in mind that 1 of 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage. Women who have miscarried are reading your words. 1 in 3 US women will need or elect an abortion in her lifetime. Women who have aborted are reading your words.

What images can I post?

The image you post must belong to you, and text must not be the main focus. If there are any people in the photo, you should be one of them, although they are possible to post if there is an interesting story behind it. Image macros, inspirational quotes, rage comics, gifs and other memes are still not allowed.

Do Post

Don't post:

The following must have an interesting story, and the person's approval:

XY here; am I allowed to post?

All are welcome. It's not really about who you are, but about the quality of the discussion you'll generate. Absolutely feel free to comment. You should probably refrain from posting pictures of yourself and asking whether you're attractive.

Any question that starts with "Ladies of Reddit..." are welcome to post in the relationship community, relationship_advice askwomen, or AskFeminists, or even /r/AskReddit.

Please refrain from starting every comment here with "As a man" or similar. If it is really and truly relevant then by all means mention it, but remember we ladies don't mention that we're women on the rest of the site unless it matters. Just as we're often assumed to be men outside of 2xc and related communities you might be assumed to be a women here. And that's okay! All that matters is that we talk openly with each other.

Please also refrain from telling us what turns you on in most threads here, it's almost never relevant to the discussion. There are times when it might be, but please think long and hard (tee hee!) if this is one of those times before sharing that information.

I received a nasty PM from someone, what do I do?

We're very sorry that happened. Unfortunately some very nasty people have taken it upon themselves to try to scare us all off from posting here. They think words from a throwaway account will be enough to do this. Let's prove them wrong, remember sticks and stones. ;)

Please click report and block on the message you received that will allow the admins to look into it and take action. You can also message the admins via red.metaversum.wtf/report with the permalink so they can see it faster.

Please don't edit your posts or comments with a screenshot or a quote of those messages, that's what they want that only serves to feed the trolls and encourage others to try for "fame". Your post or comments may be removed if you do so. They want as many people as possible to see those messages in the hopes of scaring more people off.

I think a post is fake, a troll, or a bait post. What should I do?

If you suspect something is fake, a troll, or a bait post please send a message to the moderators, or hit 'report' and leave your suspicions as a report reason. Do not post your suspicions as a comment.

There are two reasons for this. First, we don't see every comment, and are likely to miss yours meaning we can't investigate. Second it's pretty disrespectful to imply somebody is lying in their own thread. There is no harm done by giving advice to a troll. There is harm done when one ignores somebody who really needs that advice in case it is a troll.

I disagree with everything I've decided you stand for. Can I submit a post here telling you why you're wrong and debate the women of reddit?

No. This subreddit is a place for us to get together to chat about whatever is on our minds, not the place to start debates just for the sake of debating.
We welcome open discussion and we welcome anyone to join those discussions as long as they are participating in good faith. However, this is not /r/changemyview or /r/FeMRADebates. If you want to start a debate check out those subreddits.

I have an article showing a woman behaving badly, why can't I post it here?

We get it, some women are assholes and do really shitty things. This isn't the place to discuss the shitty things some women do.
This space was not created for us to try to answer why some women are bad people, nor how to deal with them as bad people. Lots of women are bad people (just like lots of men are!) some are liars, some are violent, and some are just straight up jerks. That sucks but there are many, many other places on reddit where that can be discussed, this isn't one of them.

I'm very concerned about free speech.

While all of reddit is a publicly accessible forum, it is a private corporation. 2XC, created and maintained by private, volunteer individuals, is an expression of those private, volunteer individuals' mission to foster a safe, respectable, reasonable space for girls to discuss girl-related issues. Just as your free speech rights are not triggered when a store security guard escorts you for disruption or disrespect, your free speech rights are not triggered here when and if the private, volunteer individuals who work hard to maintain this space decide you are too disruptive or disrespectful for their taste. You may always create your own space and bloviate there.

Why is /r/TwoXChromosomes even a subreddit and why there is no dude equivalent? I'm tired of seeing posts that aren't relevant to me!

Once you make an account you can unsubscribe from any of them and you will no longer see them. You can also search for more subreddits that suit you interests and subscribe to them thus customizing what you do and don't see.

If you're looking for posts specific to being a guy check out /r/oney!, or /r/menslib

If you have further questions about how reddit works please visit /r/help

Can't you just ban me? I'm tired of seeing your subreddit in my feed.

Sure, we could ban you, but that's not going to make us go away. It's just removing your ability to participate. We're still here and we're going to keep showing up where reddit wants us to.

Are you subscribed? Unsubscribe. We can't do this for you.

Are you browsing r/all? Use reddit's filter to filter out posts from our subreddit. We can't do this for you.

Are you getting push notifications on your phone? Turn them off. We can't do this for you.

Only you have the ability to hide our subreddit from your eyes.

I've been wrongly banned/Why can't I comment here?

Due to an influx of horrible users all with specific user histories, TwoX has employed a user history ban bot. If you think this has affected you and wish to appeal, please message the mods.

I represent [insert brand here].

Posts from brand accounts are considered spam. Brand accounts linking to their own content will be banned.

Do you have a more in depth moderation policy?

Yep! Right here.