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So I've been trying to focus on creating more musician-centric products in my shop and got an idea to create decals, maybe mugs, that can feature a very dynamic/recognizable measure of music.

Originally I was planning to sell a make-your-own-measure decal pack but there are just too many different notes, rests, accidentals, time signatures, etc that would have to be included for that to be feasible. So now I'm trying out decals that depict a measure of a famous piece.

I've got well-known piano pieces covered since it's my instrument, but I know a lot of you play instruments as well. I'm curious what pieces are defining and cherished for your instrument, so that the first measure or a single measure from the piece would be immediately recognizable to anyone who plays your instrument.

I hope this post is acceptable here... I just feel there's a lack of products for musicians to show off their interests, and I'd like to hear from actual musicians. Thanks!

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Vivaldi: Concerto C-Major for 1 mandolin & Orchestra (but I would take the part with the 1/32ths, not the beginning, or the 2nd movement.

Vivaldi: Concerto G-Major for 2 mandolins & orchester (beginning any movement is fine)

J. N. Hummel: concerto G-Major for mandolin & orchster (start of the mandolin part of any movement is fine)

Raffaele Calace: Bolero

O sole mio (Napolitan folk song)